About Me

WOWZA! It is for sure much easier writing about projects than writing about myself!
I am (and have been for the last seven years) a stay a home mom. I have learned not to plan out my life, but to go with the flow. You know that happens when you plan on two kids and end up with four. Obviously God had other plans, and boy (or should I say girl) am I glad! Life is busy, crazy, exciting and full of ups and downs. Sharing it with my kiddos and of coarse my super handy hubby Kasey is just icing on the cake.
I am and always have been a very visual and creative person. I went to cosmotology school after High School and even though I figured out that working in a salon isn't for me, I still love that I can be creative through my friends and familys hair! Shortly after beauty school my husband and I got married. We started dating when I was sixteen and have now been married 9 years, together 12. WOW! Time flies. I get to spend my days at home with the kids which is what I always wanted, but who new it could give the highest highs and the lowest lows all at the same time?! I love that I get to see them learn and grow every day, and also have the chance to do things that I love. My spare time is filled with painting, crafting, planning, and executing! I love all things beautifully cheap, and have learned that with a family of six I must design on a budget. My style changes and evolves daily which is what I love about design!