Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets Before & After


Hello, Hello! So I know I have been promising pictures of my parents kitchen cabinets for awhile now and believe me, I have been dyeing to show them off! I went up to their house last weekend to take pictures and of coarse it ended up being a super cloudy/overcast day. Needless to say the pictures didn’t end up being as great as I had hoped, but I’m way too excited to wait any longer!

I am like a proud mama with her new baby with these cabinets. They were such a labor of love and quite a learning experience, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!





Does the desk chair look familiar? You can go here to see the before and after of that little gem! I love that it adds a little pop of color to that side of the room and also plays with the colors in the adjoining family room (watch for that transformation in an upcoming post!)







In this shot you can see the glaze. Don’t you just love how it settles into the recessed areas and adds a hint of country charm to the cabinets?



And because you KNOW I love a good before and after (who doesn’t?!?) … here’s how she looked before. Dated for sure …



and after!



This makes me want to paint my cabinets or maybe my island and hood … hmm the wheels are turning!

And for anyone wondering about paint color, it’s Dove White by Benjamin Moore with a custom mixed glaze over the top. For the glaze I used 1/4 parts stain (Minwax Dark Walnut) to 3/4 parts clear mixing glaze. Really you just have to play around with it until you get the desired result. And then a few coats of poly by Varathane in satin finished the look.

I already have a couple more cabinet projects lined up and can’t wait to get started! And you know I’ll keep you posted on it all! Have a great day!

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  1. Those look so awesome! I am jealous of mom's kitchen now. Maybe it's time to move back in . . . well, I'll probably just have to enjoy them when I go to visit! :)

    1. What, you don't want to move back in??? I'm sure they would let you ;)

  2. They look beautiful! I love how the whole kitchen turned out!!! Nice job!!

  3. Great job! I tackled my kitchen last fall and I'm still in love with the end result. It just makes me happy to have such a light and bright kitchen - I'm sure you're feeling the same way. :-) It's definitely a lot of work and requires patience, but it's SO worth it in the end!!

    1. I totally agree! All the hard work is completely worth it when you get to walk into a space that you love every day! ... Or for me every time I visit my parents ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This is amazing! I want to do the same thing with my kitchen cabinets. Just got an estimate and it would cost $3500! I really want to do it long did it take you start to finish? Also, did you sand them before priming? I really don't want to sand but everything I've read says I really should.

    1. Honestly with four little kids and life's interuptions it took at least a month (that was doing the kitchen and 2 sets of bathroom cabinets at the same time) ... but I'm working on another kitchen right now and things are moving along much faster! It all depends on what you plan on doing (will you be distressing or glazing, or just painting?)and the size of your kitchen. As far as sanding, YES!!! It is a lot of work but I wouldn't do it any other way!

      Thanks for checking out the blog! I will be posting more kitchens as I finish them, so be sure to check back!

    2. Molly,

      you don't have to sand. I painted kitchen cabinets for 8 years. I didn't sand once. I primed them with Glidden Gripper primer. It is amazing. Terribly stinky and not fun to work with, but it will help your paint to stick.
      If you have any questions on tips, I am happy to share all of my tips with you. Just email me at


    3. Wendy,

      Thanks for the tip on the primer! I love hearing from others about what has and hasn't worked for them. I'll have to give it a try ... no sanding sounds heavenly!

  5. Thanks for the awesome kitchen upgrade Kristin. Mom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it (and you of course).


  6. This is awesome! Love the power of paint! Thanks for the link on FB, I will be intouch!

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