Monday, September 3, 2012

Wild Weather and the Fruits of our Labor


Happy Labor Day to everyone, I hope you are enjoying a nice relaxing day! We have been soaking up the long weekend and enjoying our last few hours of summer as school starts tomorrow!

This weekend we have had some wild weather. It went from sunny and beautiful to dark and stormy within minutes. After the heavens opened and it literally POURED and poured some more, I went outside to find some of the most interesting looking clouds. They were all so different in every direction, I just had to take a few shots and share!

These clouds to the east caught my eye first. They were so dark and fluffy at the same time.



This was to the south …



and to the north …



and to the west. With the sun setting it made for a gorgeous night!



Now, I didn’t spend the whole weekend gazing at the clouds … I promise, I did take advantage of the hubby being home (and boy has it been nice!) and got a thing or two done.

A while back I started to organize the garage, but most of the stuff was Kasey’s and I didn’t have a clue what to do with it. So we worked on it together this weekend, and although there is still a lot to be done, I thought I would share with you a few of our organizing/storage solutions.

The first order of business and my favorite solution so far is the scooter storage. Normally the scooters would get thrown down wherever and I felt like someone was always tripping over them. They get used daily so I knew they needed to be easily accessible for the kids. I wanted them to be able to get them down and put them away easily and on their own. These heavy duty metal brackets were the perfect solution. We hung them low enough so they were at the kids level and just one bracket holds all five of our scooters with no problem.






The next order of business was corralling all of the kids outdoor stuff. Things like footballs, soccer balls, sidewalk chalk, life jackets and squirt guns were in desperate need of a home. So when I saw this idea here, I knew it would be the perfect solution for us too! We designated this little corner that is the pass through from one garage to the other (and until this point was a complete waste of space) for all of the kids outdoor stuff. I still want to label things and add a few more small bins, but am loving that everything now has a home and isn’t scattered throughout the yard anymore!



We also added a few small things that make a big impact. This paper towel holder over the sink is one of them and now there will be no more dripping from the sink to the house to find a towel!



And these hooks for extension cords and tie downs. Before they were shoved into a drawer in the work bench and always in a big tangled mess. See … little changes, big impact!





We also used a couple of the same brackets that we used for the scooters to hang all of our rakes and shovels. I was a little concerned about having to get a bunch of things down in order to get to one shovel, but we stuck the the stuff that we used least in the back and the stuff we used more often in the front. I think it will work out great! Oh, and I almost forgot the kids snow shovels! They love to help shovel in the winter so hanging their shovels at kid height made sense, now they can grab them and go all on their own.



And don’t worry, we have a plan for the space under the window. Once we get a couple more hooks it will be our ladders new home.



I’m sure most of you out there have thought of and done most of this, but for us this was a great accomplishment and is helping us feel a little more relaxed every time we step foot in the garage.

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  1. what is that scooter bracket called?

  2. Did anyone ever find out where we can get the brackets?

  3. Would love to know what the scooter bracket is and where to find it please.