Thursday, July 12, 2012

Going Orange! … A Boys Dresser Before & After

It has been a lot of fun slowing putting a fun and energetic room together for my two youngest boys. When we decided to have them share a bedroom, I let them name a couple of their favorite colors and promised them that they would somehow be incorporated into their room. Blue, Green, and Orange were the favorites and both blue and green ended up on the walls, which brings us to their dressers. Both of the dressers that we were currently using were hand me downs from friends and neighbors. They were both nice solid wood, but let’s just say they weren’t pretty and they weren’t working at all in the room.
I knew I wanted to paint them something bright and fun, and also wanted them to be durable. That’s when Kasey suggested painting them with car paint (remember that’s what he does for a living?) instead of regular old paint. I was a little skeptical at first but decided to go for it … and boy am I glad I did! They turned out amazing and have a lacquered look which I love. They can easily be wiped off and can and have withstood the test of a couple of 4 and 5 year old rowdy boys!
Here’s the before in all of it’s glory …

And the after!

The hardware for the bottom drawers is the original painted in a bright white.

And then I found some fun knobs from Hobby Lobby that incorporated a little navy blue (which is all over in their bedroom) for the two top drawers.
You can really see in this one how shiny and reflective the paint is. I love how it went from old and drab to bright with a modern edge.
I don’t’ know about you, but for me it is always such a rush to see the difference that a little paint can make!

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  1. that is so great! I love how bright it is! Go Kasey, just call him Mr. Designer!

  2. What a great transformation! I love it! Can you tell me what color it is?