Thursday, January 10, 2013

Changing it Up … The Evolution of a Little Boys Room


Ok, is it just me or are there some awful bugs going around this winter? This is the second time I’ve been sick in a month and I’m not talking just a little cold here. It’s rough. I can see many loads of sheets in my near future as it makes its way through everyone. Blah!

Anyway, I was sitting here looking through my pictures and realized that I haven’t shown the changes that we’ve made in Mason’s room … um … AWHILE back! It is still a work in progress (you know I can throw some paint on the wall any old day but when it comes to details I freeze!)

Here’s what we started with. (they are the only pics I had of the “before” …) I had a hard time painting over those stripes. They were a labor of love, but when we did a room swap this room went from Daxon’s room to Mason’s room and the colors didn’t work with Mason’s bedding. Anyway, you get the idea. It was time to paint!








I like to let my kids be involved in the whole process of decorating their rooms. It helps them to feel like it is their space instead of a space decorated by mom that they have no choice but to live in. I asked Mase his opinion on paint colors and his only request was dark blue. It’s his favorite color so we went with it. We ended up doing gray with bold blue stripes. I really love how much more grown up it is. It will be a room that can grow with him and still feels young at the same time. If you look close you will find a hint or two on an upcoming addition to the room!




I have plans to make the little area to the left of the closet into a cozy homework spot complete with a desk. I can’t wait to finally make some good use of this wasted space!






So far we have painted and thrown his furniture in without a lot of thought. It’s made a huge difference but now it’s time to move onto the fun stuff. The stuff that will finish it off, the stuff that will make his room feel like HIS room.




I have some ideas, and since we all know how I follow through, I am making a list to keep me accountable. It would just be nice to have one room completed. You know? Instead of bouncing from room to room?

Mason’s Room


lengthen curtains

new dresser

memo wall

plank the desk wall




Trophy Organization

Desk Lighting

Art/Pictures on wall


I will be keeping you updated on the progress … and trying extra hard to wrap it up in a timely fashion (no promises though Winking smile).

How about you? Anyone else starting out the new year with a list?





  1. Oh I can't wait to see what you come up with for his room! You always do such a fantastic job! Yay!

    1. For some reason I find it easier to do the kids rooms than my own ... can't wait to finish it! Hows little Ivy??