Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One of THOSE Months!


Have you ever had a week or month … or even year where it seems like there is one thing after another going wrong? Things keep breaking … everyone is sick?? Well that is exactly the kind of month we have had.




We’ve had everything from a broken garage door to a leaky shower (resulting in ripping out the sheetrock in the boys room downstairs and eventually redoing the shower that is only SIX years old) to a broken water heater to EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this family being sick for two weeks to trips to the ER for pneumonia and asthma … you get my drift, right?? 



In between all this it has snowed and snowed and snowed which means the hubby is out plowing all the time instead of fixing said garage door.

Anywho … such is life, right? I’m just glad everyone is on the mend and we are finally getting back into a normal routine.

On a better note, I finished the curtains for Mason’s room and am on the hunt for a new (used) dresser. Can’t wait to get moving and finally have one FINISHED room in the house!

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  1. Oh I can sooo relate! I hope your little one is doing better from the pneumonia and asthma! It is no fun to have little ones be sick! As for the things breaking, wow! that is a major break and remodel! Good thing Casey is so handy and you are so amazingly handy and crafty too!! Way to go and I hope all the re-working of everything turns out ok for you. I know it will!!