Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To Glaze or Not to Glaze … THAT is the Question!


As you already know, I am painting my parents kitchen cabinets. They chose to go with Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. It’s pretty much a nice creamy white that is going to look awesome along with all of the other changes (like new hard wood flooring and granite countertops). While they liked the color, they were also considering doing a glaze over the top so I did one door in each finish in order for them to decide.


It’s amazing how much a glaze can completely change the look! There are so many different glazing technique’s, each with their own outcome. The sky is the limit! So now that I know what finish I would choose, and what my parents ended up choosing, I am curious … what would YOU choose?


  1. That is a tough one! They both look great, and I guess it depends on the overall look of the space you are going for. For mom and dad's house, I think the glazed will be perfect!

  2. That is a tough question...We painted our cabinets and I was stuck with the same question. I did glaze quite a few before deciding on leaving them white with no glaze....I can always add it later. Anyway...either way it's glad to find your blog while hopping following...come on over for a visit...look at my older posts and see my kitchen too...nice to meet you, Mariaelena