Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For Fu–reeee!


I just love free stuff. Especially free furniture. Lucky for me my kids were being kids and taking their dear sweet time the other day when I asked them to get their morning routine done so we could run to Lowes. Because if we had left when I had planned too, we would have missed the goods that were sitting out on the side of the road with a big fat FREE sign!

It’s crazy to me what people will just give away! Granted, right now the stuff looks pretty bad … but with a little love they will look new (and probably better than new) again!

This little table and chairs were what caught my eye first. Not bad.



But then I got out of the car and found this beauty and





Don’t you just love the lines? Just imagine it with a crisp coat of white paint and a fun new fabric. Or it could be fun painted in a bright cheery color and used as more of an accent or stand alone piece. I already have a place in mind to put it … but there is much more to be done to that room before I can decide on what to do with the chair. So for now it will sit and smile at me every time I walk into the garage, and I am ok with that.


  1. I think I need that chair - for the kitchen desk :)

  2. so cute! i love free finds too, makes your day...or week, or month!