Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Snake Party


Over the weekend we celebrated G’s sixth birthday! After much deliberation he went with a snake theme … which I was not going to complain about considering his other ideas were Power Rangers and Ninjago. (I’m so over the character themed stuff these days!) So when he threw the snake idea out there I totally jumped all over it and went to town.



I knew I wanted a fun backdrop for the party table without spending a ton of mula, so I grabbed the biggest frame that I had laying around (if you don’t have anything this size I found mine at the DI, or you could even just use a piece of foam core board) and covered the print with wrapping paper. (It’s just temporary so the print can be used again.) Then I had one of my favorite pictures of him printed in a 16x20 ($5.99 at Costco) and layered it over the wrapping paper. A simple banner and a few small pinwheels give it the finished look that I was going for without distracting too much from the picture.





I personalized the party favors by putting each of the kids initials on the bags. It was nice so there was no confusion once they were handed out of whose was whose.







I found this idea on pinterest  and thought the kids would love it.  It’s simply plastic snakes in different colored Jell-O. It was definitely a hit with the kids and added a bit of whimsy to the table.







The snake cake was my favorite part. Don’t look too close at his nose though … I didn’t get a shot before my D got a finger full of frosting! :)



I went back and forth on whether to use fondant or buttercream for the frosting, and even though I love the look of fondant, I don’t love the taste … so buttercream it was!



All in all it was a great party for an awesome little boy whom I can not believe is already six!



I just love planning parties! What about you? Have you done any fun parties this summer? Please do share … I would love to hear!


  1. this is the cutest party! Wish we could have been there, tell him happy birthday from all of us!

    1. Thanks Anna! I wish you guys could have been there too! The kids ask me pretty much every day when we get to go to Las Vegas again to see you!

  2. Such a great job on the snake party!! I love how you have it displayed and I lOVE the cake!! nice work!! boys are soo fun!!!

    1. I totally agree ... boys are so fun! Good thing I've got three of them!