Monday, October 29, 2012

Adventures in Pinland {Fridge Coasters}


Have you guys seen this floating around on Pinterest? It’s been showing up as I browse for quite some time now and I love how a simple thing like a “fridge coaster” can amp up the look and clean-ability of your fridge in a matter of minutes! The folks over at It’s An Organized Chaos used a plastic place mat from Target to line their fridge shelves. (brilliant right!?!)




My fridge was in desperate need of a little tlc. You know, a good thorough cleaning (as in take EVERYTHING out, throw half of it away because, yes, it had been that long and was THAT bad!), and then a good scrub down. I figured what better time than now to throw in a simple fridge coaster and I’m so glad I did!



I went to Target looking for some plastic placemats, and they had a few but nothing that I loved so … it was on to plan B. Shelf Liners. I bought two rolls (4.99 each) and for 10 bucks and a few minutes of my time I had a newly beautified fridge!







I have to say that after the liners were in and everything was put away I was pleasantly surprised every time I opened up the fridge! It’s funny how excited I get about things like this but I would literally open up the fridge just to take a peek and closed it every time with a smile on my face!



Here’s a side by side for comparisons sake. It’s so much better, right? And, honestly I can’t wait to clean it out again just to see if the coasters make it any easier. I’m thinking it will, but time will tell!

2012-10-24 001


All in all this pin was an absolute win! It was an easy, cheap addition to the fridge that I only wish I had done sooner! It makes me want to attack the pantry … hopefully sooner than later!

Have a fun Halloween week! We are off to a Halloween party for D’s preschool and then I’m starting on another set of kitchen cabinets this week! It’s going to be super busy but I can’t wait!



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