Monday, October 22, 2012

Adventures in Pinland {Unclog Your Drain}


I’m sitting here thinking about what an amazing fall weather weekend we had (the temps were wonderful) … and now they are dropping quickly and the rain is falling (hard!). I’m sooo not excited for the freezing cold, or the snow, but I am happy about layers, boots, and yummy fall soup!

Anyway, if you follow along with me on Facebook, you know that I spent my Friday cleaning (and unclogging) in order to enjoy the rest of the weekend fun! I have been noticing that our master shower has been gradually draining slower and slower, and I figured something needed to be done before it was completely clogged. That is when I remembered a pin that my friend told me about awhile back and I knew I had to try it.

Unclog your drain with just baking soda, vinegar, and water? Um, yes! Sign me up!



                                                     Source: Real Simple (Antonis Achilleos)


Now, I’m about to be REAL. I am going to show you my horribly disgusting, hair filled shower drain. I’m just forewarning you here … it’s gross! I was actually pretty shocked myself when I got up close and personal with it. One thing you may not know about me is how blind I am without my glasses on. It’s bad people. So when I shower it’s all pretty much a blur … which in the drains case has turned out to be not such a good thing!



Here’s what the pin said: “To get your drain running again (without resorting to chemicals worthy of a hazmat suit) pour ½ cup soda, then ½ cup vinegar, down a clogged drain. Cover it with a wet cloth, wait 5 minutes, uncover, and flush with steaming-hot water.”





I followed the directions, and when I was finished it seemed a little better, but not a ton. That’s when I decided to unscrew the drain cover, pull out the gunk and hair, and then repeat the process without the cover on. This time it worked a million times better. The baking soda could actually get down the drain (duh!) rather than sit on the drain! I also boiled a large pot of water to pour down the drain instead of just using steaming water from the faucet.



Here you can tell that now you can actually see down the drain … no more black goo! I have used that shower since the unclogging and it’s drainability is night and day! I would say it worked great and it’s even better that I didn’t have to use any harsh chemicals. Just good ol’ fashioned baking soda and vinegar. I think this would work best if you did it on a more regular basis rather than letting the drain get so crazy gross. I learned my lesson and will now be doing the rest of my drains before they get to this point!



Have you found any great cleaning tips on Pinterest? It’s slowly becoming my go to for tips and help when I can’t find a solution or just don’t know what will work!


  1. I have vinegar and baking soda in bulk! I'm loving all your posts :) FYI, I haven't needed to unclog the drain since I did this many months works and it lasts!!

    1. Yes! So do I! And this post is all thanks to you telling me about it :) I miss our walks ... when we could actually chat!

  2. You are right! Cleaning your drains regularly is the best prevention for clogs. There's no way we can avoid falling hair. That's why, you should consider putting additional cover to your drains to not let dirt accumulate and cause any problem. The simplest method I can share is pouring hot water to your drains weekly.