Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dining Table Facelift


This, my friends is a very sad dining table. It has been through a lot in it’s lifetime and in doing so has given me many cherished childhood memories. Yep, you guessed it! It’s my parents dining table and the one I grew up eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at, doing homework and crafts at, crying at and laughing at. As you can see it has been well used and well loved, and was in desperate need of a facelift.



The bones of the chairs were in a little better condition … but still not great! (The cushions, not so much!!!)



I actually did this project awhile ago. It was one of my firsts attempts at a big project and for sure my first try at doing a burn through to distress it. I think it turned out pretty good and is a huge improvement over what it was before!










I love trying new things and have learned that the only way to know what I like best and what looks best is by trial and error. I can’t wait to try this technique on another piece of furniture!

Have you tried any new techniques lately? Had success … or even a fail? I would love to hear!

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  1. That looks amazing!!! I cant believe what a great job you did with that!! way to go!!!

  2. Beautiful! What color stain/paint is that?