Friday, September 28, 2012

Bye Bye Crib Side!


The day has finally come that we are officially done with the “baby phase” at the Dahl house. Sniff, sniff. Little miss is potty trained, and just recently we converted her crib into a toddler bed. (she has done fantastic by the way!) For me it all seems a little bitter sweet. I am going to miss all the sweet little baby moments, but am excited to see what the next phase of our life brings! And I for sure won’t be missing the diapers and multiple middle of the night waking's!

Switching to the toddler bed of coarse brought out a little spark in me to get a few more things done in her room that I have been wanting to finish. There was a little rearranging, some closet reorganization that I will show you soon, and the wheels are turning (or should I say re-turning) on a gallery wall idea that I have had for awhile now!

Here is the new look after rearranging. I think the flow seems a lot better and the rooms seems more open this way.



If you are new, or don’t recall … this is how it looked before the rearranging. It’s so much better now, right?



And as I was loading the pictures for this post, I found this one that one of the boys snuck of the little miss and I. Sneaky little guy. (Did you notice the double finger suck? I just love that little girl.



I love how a little rearranging can change the feel of a room. How about you? Anyone doing any rearranging these days?


  1. I love how the room looks with the new bed! I love the moulding on that wall too! Sooo cute! I bet she loves her new look!

  2. I like the rearrangement! And I can't believe she's not a baby anymore!