Monday, February 25, 2013

Navi’s Three!


Today my baby turns three. I have found myself unexpectedly emotional. Probably because she IS and always will be our baby. She is our last and even though I feel like our family is complete I will always miss those first days, weeks, and months of my babies lives! I look back at her newborn pictures and wonder where the time has gone? Those days seem like a blur. I am so grateful for pictures to remind me of that sweet, innocent time.


IMG_5905 copy


One year old …



18 months …



Two years old …



And now…three years old! She is all girl (for the most part) and I love it! Happy birthday to my beautiful, smart, loving, sassy princess!

2011-01-16 007


We had her party last night and what could more fitting for the little miss than a princess cake? She loved it and that’s all I can ask for!



Here’s to having a great week!



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